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Wilhelm Merkle Schweißtechnik GmbH

Anton-Böck-Straße 31
81249 München (Germany)
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Contact person: Manuel Maier

Phone: (0 89) 89 77 17 – 12
Telefax: (0 89) 89 77 17 – 80
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Company info

Founded: 1980  |  Employees: 11-30  |  Certificated: n/a

The Wilhelm Merkle Welding GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high quality welding equipment and welding groundbreaking technology.

The Merkle Welding GmbH in Munich has developed from since its creation in 1980
Developed one-man operation to one of the largest welding dealer Bavaria, with nearly 10 million euros, with the branches in Landshut and Rosenheim have a very significant role in this development. In addition, the Merkle Welding GmbH in the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Italy is represented.

The main reasons for the rapid development is the strong customer orientation of the company. The customer is always at the center of efforts! Moreover, Merkle Schweißtechnik GmbH services that are unique in the industry provides. These start at customer-friendly opening times, go through inexpensive term hire and used equipment to welding courses and end by far not the emergency service and the own workshop.

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