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Westro GmbH

Max-Planck-Ring 24
46049 Oberhausen (Germany)
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Contact person: k.A.

Phone: +49 (0) 208 62 02 90
Telefax: 0208/25559
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Founded: 1964  |  Employees: n/a  |  Certificated: n/a

The Westro-Gmbh was founded in 1964. Since we are in the area Feuerungsbau, steel Apparatus pipeline construction, industrial services as well as cast / forged parts verteten.

With our experience and angagierten employees, we solve their problems.

- New refractory
- Engineering 2D / 3D
- Repair of existing facilities
- Special components

Apparatus steel piping
- Production according to customer specifications
- Engineering 2D / 3D
- Installation works
- 3D plasma cutting
- Water jet cutting
- Sägezuschnitte
- Edging work
- Milling

Industrie Service
- Spare parts
- Assembly
- Repairs

Castings / forgings

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