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Norder Band AG

Drechslerstr. 2
26506 Norden (Germany)
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Contact person: Herr Stefan Glave

Phone: 04931-178200
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Founded: 1983  |  Employees: 100+  |  Certificated:

Certificates: Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, Umweltmanagementsystem nach DIN EN ISO 14001:2015,Energiemanagementsystem nach DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

Steel Service Center

Norderband AG is one of the largest and most modern family-run service centers for stainless steel processing in Europe. Approximately 80,000 tonnes of stainless steel are shipped to national and international customers each year from the 56,000 m² site in North, East Friesland.
In 1983, barely 70 years after the patenting of the stainless steel, Volker Glave founded the NB Norder Bandstahl GmbH. From very small beginnings, the company developed today. The company was renamed Norderband AG in June 2017.
Norderband AG produces stainless steel tapes, sheets and rods according to customer specifications. Its customers include companies in the stainless steel processing industry as well as companies in the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications, as well as consumer and investment goods industries. With a modern machine park and perfectly coordinated production processes, stainless, heat, corrosion and acid resistant strip steel are machined precisely and in-time.

26 plants are used in production; 11 of which are equipped with knife-making robots and a fully automated separation arm. The 15 other machines are used, among other things, for sheet metal and rod production, for surface and edge processing, for cold hardening, for leveling, for coiling and for automated packaging. In addition to five individual coil systems, Norderband AG also has three gap winding systems with which up to 20 coils can be split and wound in parallel in one step. This means that fewer welding points are required than on single-core coils and higher productivity is achieved with the additional running meters per ring.

Norderband AG offers you the highest quality, experience, technical know-how and the ability to optimize production processes for the metalworking industry through innovative ideas. First-class material, highly qualified employees, modern production facilities, an efficient equipment of all departments and, of course, a pronounced reliability and reliability are responsible for a high customer satisfaction.

To ensure this, all products and services are subject to strict and continuous quality assurance measures. Norderband AG has already set up a quality management system according to ISO 9001 at an early stage and has received the quality management certificate as one of the first German service centers for the processing of stainless steel strips. The company is currently certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001: 2015. In addition, Norderband AG also has the environmental management system certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015, since the idea of ​​environmental protection has always been an integral part of the company. The energy management system of Norderband AG was certified in 2016 according to DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011.
Due to a modern corporate attitude and openness to innovation, Norderband AG is also aware of its tradition and is committed to adhering to ethical values ​​and a Christian human image. Norderband AG offers its employees, customers, suppliers and interested parties an open and partnership-oriented approach, reliability and long-term and close cooperation.
By phone, the company is available from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and until 13:00 pm on Fridays.

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