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Günther + Schramm GmbH

Heidenheimer Str. 65
73447 Oberkochen (Germany)
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Contact person: Wolfgang Dörr

Phone: 0 73 64-24-0
Telefax: 0 73 64-24-190
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Founded: 1930  |  Employees: 100+  |  Certificated:

Certificates: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Günther + Schramm is a system service provider for procurement, storage and processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum.

Günther Schramm + - the company

The + Günther Schramm GmbH is a leading systems provider in the areas of procurement, storage and pre-processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum in southern Germany. The company was founded in 1930 and is since 2003 + BICKENBACH Group. + Günther Schramm has approximately 170 employees. The company is the one in the classic metal merchants, and secondly, it offers a variety of processing services and implements complex outsourcing projects in the just-in-time delivery. 4,000 active customers in the machine and tool, the machining and electrical supplies Günther Schramm + with Blank and rolled steel, stainless steel, quality and tool steel, cast iron, aluminum, special alloys etc.

sheet metal working
The technology center for sheet metal processing of Günther + Schramm GmbH offers comprehensive contract manufacturing solutions for plates and batches of all kinds - from semi-finished to complex assembly.

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