What is blechzulieferer.de? up


blechzulieferer.de is an independent Online-Journal with Internet-Platform focused on companies working in the field of sheet metal industry.

  • Objectives: We provide required information to all who are working in this industry and all who are interested in this sector.
  • Topics: Our topics are all kind of chipless forming and cutting operations, like shearing, punching, bending, stamping, drawing, laser cutting, flame cutting, leveling of parts, slip bending and welding, joining technology as well as other operations applied in sheet metal fabricating industry.
  • Target group: Our target group are owners, managing directors, purchasing managers, plant and production managers, technicians, masters, design engineers as well as members of planning department, maintenance, quality department and production.

What provides blechzulieferer.de? up

  • Reports on its online-magazine about background information and branch news
  • Upload and release of press releases
  • Presents a company register of more than 2000 companies split into 8 categories:
    • CNC sheet metal processing companies - sheet metal sub-contractors (950+ companies)
    • Sheet metal forming companies – forming, drawing, stamping (400+ companies)
    • Suppliers of sheet metal , strip, coils (250+ companies)
    • Machines, Tools and Equipment (600+ companies)
    • Agents, Importers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (70+ companies)
    • Software/IT ( 20+ companies)
    • Services, information and communication (20+ companies)
    • Dealers & Online-Shops (new)
  • Supports with its market place the sales and search of used sheet metal working machines
  • Provide with its job market all users in finding new jobs or new employees

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Company Profiles

Three different Service Packages offer you different opportunities to present your company. Which kind of Service Packages are available?

Press Releases

Benefit from the opportunity to issue your Press Releases on blechzulieferer.de

Press Releases and all the editorial reports following from this will call attention to your products and your company.

Please contact us if you need support for composing and publishing your Press Release in German language. If you already have a Press Release and you want to publish this together with your detailed company profile on blechzulieferer.de , we can translate your words and administrate your company profile. Additionally we can offer you an office service in German language for your German speaking customers.

Banner Advertisement

On blechzulieferer.de you will find several fixed places for your static banner advertisements.

In addition we also provide places for advertisements inside of editorial articles. This places offer with 250 x 250 Pixel a lot of space for advertisements. Due to the closeness to the editorial content this kind of advertisement is highly attracting user’s attention.

Do you have additional questions, recommendations or fair comments? Please contact us! We are looking forward to your comments.