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BUT Blech- und Tortechnik GmbH

Archimedesstr. 23
77933 Lahr (Germany)
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Contact person: Achim Redt

Phone: 07821-94000
Telefax: 07821-940020
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Founded: 1999  |  Employees: 31-100  |  Certificated:

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008; Kleiner Schweißnachweis

BUT is one of the leading specialists in sheet metal processing for sophisticated products in Southwest Germany!


Whether filigree laser part for modeling or full housing for an electronic laboratory instrument: the BUT sheet and door technology GmbH is able to creatively and economically solve each task in the non-cutting processing of steel sheets, stainless steel, special steels and non-ferrous metals. BUT one of the leading sheet metal specialists in southwest Germany and well-known companies of machine and vehicle construction, electronics, medical technology, energy and environmental technology as well as the furniture industry are repeat customers.

BUT has to edit the expertise and experience of sheet metal of various types, thickness and shape. Of the item, small series to mass production - BUT is well equipped to provide any desired number of pieces exactly on schedule.

With its modern CNC laser cutting machine TruLaser 5030 classic BUT has the ability to process different material thicknesses and material strengths and to perform stamping and lasers in a single operation. Sheet metal parts up to a material thickness of 25 mm for steel, 20 mm for stainless steel and 12 mm for aluminum and pipes up to a diameter of 400 mm can be processed on the laser cutting machine.

The most modern and fastest punching machine is in the workshops of BUT. The punching machine from TRUMPF TruPunch 5000 may be several steps, such as tapping, or lowering forming, while a single operation or run.

Edging be carried out at BUT on multiple machines, this part can be converted to a length of 4 m. The bending center TruBend of BUT is a multifunction system, both small batches and large series can be produced on the. The processing of simple geometries is possible as well as the manufacture of complex assemblies.

For welding work only highly qualified personnel in the field, the MIG, MAG, TIG and pulse welding are perfectly mastered and have a DVS-examination certificate at BUT. The range of sheet metal processing facility at BUT is completed by the pressing of nuts and bolts.

In order to ensure across the BUT-quality standard throughout the entire production process carried out final assembly and final inspection in-house. The assembly of mechanical assemblies is just as much to offer from BUT as the assembly of electronic components.

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