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Adler AG - Es gibt Spannenderes als Blech - Aber nicht für uns® Blechbearbeitung

Gräfenau 56
75339 Höfen (Germany)
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Contact person: Axel Kull

Phone: 07081/9545-13
Telefax: 07081/9545-33
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Founded: 1956  |  Employees: 31-100  |  Certificated:

Certificates: ISO 9001

Adler Blechbearbeitung: There's more excitement than sheet metal - but not for us!

Of course, we only process our sheets with machines. But we have the know-how, the people and the structures for excellent, individual, customer-specific solutions. From the design and manufacture of complex assemblies or the cutting of simple sheet metal parts. We laser, punch, bend, weld and mill. The whole sheet metal processing.

Our company is and remains a family-run, independent company since it was founded in 1956 by Gustav Adler, as a mechanical workshop. Soon the company entered in the sheet metal processing, with the development and production of housings for the 19 "technology. In 1989, was carried out in the course of business ownership establishing the Adler GmbH, with the slogan" Competence in sheet "and focusing on custom metal parts and assemblies in the following years the name was. "Adler - expertise in sheet metal", a synonym for reliability and quality in Germany and the neighboring countries.

So we can say that in our industry the name Adler covers the entire area of ​​the development, the production of casings, the installation of the modules and the electrical commissioning completely.

// Market Position
System supplier for custom cabinetry and assemblies.

// Business Fields
Sheet metal working, laser cutting, stamping, assembly, sheet metal assemblies and housings ...

In particular, we offer the following services:
Advise, beading, drilling, stud welding
CAD design, CAM support, chromating, CNC bending, CNC welding, CNC punching, CNC laser cutting, computer case, monitor chassis
Import data (dxf / dwg / step), turning on a machining center
Pressing, anodizing
Folding, milling (also 5-axis), joining
Threaded nozzle, thread cutting, engraving
HSC milling
Industrial monitors, realization of ideas
Check complex assemblies
Painting, laser cutting
Monitor cases, monitors, Mig / Mag welding, assembling
Nibbling, rivets
Open Frame Display, surface coating, surface finish, optimizing
Powder coating, spot welding, testing
Lateral thinking
Giving advice
Cutting, countersinking, silk screening, grinding
Touch screen monitors, touch screen technologies, pad printing, transporting
Ship, galvanizing, tinning, pre-assembly
TIG welding
Feeding, closing movement

// Companies of Adler Group

Adler AG
Your system supplier for sheet metal assemblies and housing

NDT Technology GmbH (a subsidiary)
The specialist for high brightness displays and digital signage

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